Commission Manager

Go beyond tracking and paying commissions by allowing you to manage your sales team’s performance.

Commissions, simplified

Increase profitability by rewarding productivity and and cost-effectiveness. Increase efficiency by automating your commission calculations and eliminating paperwork. Establish clear standards around collections, discounts, accounts, and more. You can better structure your commission program today. 

Alert Rental's Commision Manager for Your Sales Team Management

Software doesn’t solve problems. People do.

Alert is committed to being your business partner – not simply a vendor.

Multiple Plans

Whether your challenge is inside or outside, new or established, or you need to move a salesperson when they hit a goal, you can manage it all.

Layered Commission Structure

The more deeply discounted the item is against book rate, the less commission is paid.

Improve Collections

Commission sales staff at time of booking or when paid in full. Your sales staff will work to improve your cash flow so their commissions won’t be reversed. 

Improve Profitability

Control commission rates by group so your high-cost inventory isn’t commissioned out of proportion. Encourage sales staff to not rely on subrentals. 

Sales Staff Management

By using Alert’s Commission Manager system, you can train your sales staff to behave in the way that’s best for YOUR business. For instance, manage discounts by incentivizing your sales staff to write orders minimizing discounts so they earn more commission. 

Reinforce that your staff need to charge fees appropriately by paying commission on fees. Your sales staff will be your best collections agents by expiring commissions on unpaid invoices. Limit subrentals or other expenses by making them non-commissionable.

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