Job Costing

Your intuition is probably right about how profitable your jobs are. Right? Be sure by looking at the metrics in Alert’s Job Costing Module.

Key Performance Indicators

Every rental operator knows their KPIs and Alert has ways to measure things like time and dollar utilization and ROI. But have you ever considered how profitable each job is? Understanding this metric can make a positive impact on your bottom line and enable you to see the complete picture. Don’t do it based on intuition, experience, or a gut feeling. Measure it with a set of parameters that makes sense for your business and create a recognized, automated process that makes sense for your organization.

Alert Rental's Job Costing Dashboard and Features

Software doesn’t solve problems. People do.

Alert is committed to being your business partner – not simply a vendor.


The Job Costing Dashboard gives you a 10,000′ view of your quotes or ongoing jobs that require new or updated worksheets with easy to read color-coding.


Your business is different than everybody else’s, which is why so many parameters, like overhead, transportation costs, and labor are custom to you.

Complete Cost Picture

Whether you use third party haulers, per diem, or subrental, these costs need some sort of oversight without creating a bottleneck or added touch costs.


Once the initial parameters are set, the Job Costing system is completely automated. Worksheets are created for jobs over a dollar threshold and you have very little manual work.

Job Cost looking forward, not behind

Traditionally, rental operations have job costed after the job is complete, looking at historical numbers to know their profitability. With Alert’s Job Costing you’re able to project profitability – even before you quote the job. Instead of seeing what caused you problems, you’re able to anticipate the need to control expenses or charge more.

Job Costing is the ultimate tool to help you manage expenses. Since each job costing worksheet tracks expenses like overhead, labor, commissions, subrental, and mileage, you’re able to see what is causing your jobs costs to skyrocket. Recognizing your costs helps you accurately quote jobs.

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