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Purchase Order

Control, automate, and track your purchasing like never before.

Be a control enthusiast

Control is the name of the game in purchasing, as it should be. Authorized users can write requisitions, but only those with special authorization can approve them. With a sophisticated approval tree, requisitions will be routed to the correct person in the chain of command, based on the branch location, department, and level of purchasing authority. Never again worry about money going out the door without oversight.

Alert Rental's Purchase Order Module for Your Correct Billing

Software doesn’t solve problems. People do.

Alert is committed to being your business partner – not simply a vendor.

QuickBooks Integration

Alert can send the vendor, dollar, and inventory information to QuickBooks, streamlining the accounts payable process.


All notifications of requests and approvals are handled via email automatically, with a built-in time frame. If person A doesn’t approve on time, person B is promptly asked to approve.

Auto reorder

The automated Reorder Report can flow directly to the Purchase Order system to create requisitions for needed sales inventory.

Handles all orders

You can check in a partially received order, and save the rest for later. Tracks backorders for easy reporting. Limit who can receive inventory for accuracy.

Save time and money

We never have enough time or money, and Alert’s Purchase Order module is designed to save you both. Thoughtfully designed from top to bottom to be efficient, features such as the graphical Purchase Order Dashboard allow you to view the entire purchasing process all on one page. You don’t have to hassle someone to approve a requisition – if they don’t approve it the requisition will be automatically routed to the next authorized person within the time frame you designate.

Controlling expenses is important, and the Purchase Order module can distinguish between a special-order item and department expenditure, allowing you to see which purchases are eating into your bottom line. Multiple approvals can be built in to the system to control high-dollar purchases. Track everything about the purchase order – changes in quantities or dollars, receipts, freight, etc. This sophisticated system eliminates worry and touch-costs, saving your precious time and dollars.

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