Rate Flexibility

Whether you’re charging caterers or general contractors, Alert offers rates suitable for everybody in any rental market.

Rates rates and more rates

Whether you need rates by customer, by branch location, by ticket or by line item, we can do that. We counted seventeen different ways that Alert can charge rates, and that’s just the beginning. Since we listen to our customers’ needs as the rental industry changes, Alert keeps up with the latest trends in rates.

Alert Rental's Rate Flexibility Based on Your Needs

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Alert is committed to being your business partner – not simply a vendor.


Customize kit rates beyond the traditional earnings distribution to the kit header or individual items. Allow the choice of items inside of a kit to determine the kit pricing. For example, a tent heating kit rate can dynamically change based on the components selected.

Flex Rates

Seasonal rental businesses have the ability to adjust rates by season, or even by day. For instance, air conditioner rates can be adjusted for summer months, or popular weekend equipment can be discounted to encourage midweek rentals.

Group Pricing

You have the ability to create an entire rate book for a segment of your customer base. For example, all caterers would work from the same rate schedule, rather than receiving an across-the-board discount.

Shift Rates

Let your meter usage shift your rental rates accordingly. The customer’s meter usage can trigger a shift in their rate table, up or down. Shift rates will adjust the rate – even in cycle billing for long term rentals.

Experience matters

Alert’s singular focus since the 1970’s has been rental. Because we are in tune to this industry, we’ve seen every rate possibility under the sun. Working in tandem with our users – the real rental experts – we’ve developed numerous simple ways to answer the often complicated question of “what do I charge?”. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop smart algorithms to determine which pricing structures take precedence over another.

You can have several rates for the same rental inventory item, and Alert knows exactly which one to pick. Store locations can even be set up to behave differently from one another. So your location in Phoenix can charge differently than your location in Philly, and your event rental locations charge differently than your general tool rental locations. Working with thousands of rental operators over the decades has helped us be ready to quickly answer “what do I charge?”.

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