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Remote Asset Management

Leveage technology to automate billing, secure your equipment, and service your fleet.

Make it Easy For Your Customers to Do Business With You

We’re always working on ways to make doing business easier. What could be easier on everybody than a telematics system that updates rental tickets with the current meter reading? And how does it make it easier on your customers? Meter readings automatically update cycle billing so your customers aren’t surprised with a huge bill for overages at the end of a long-term rental. The fact that you’re collecting the revenue as you’re earning them it is a happy benefit! You can be alerted if your equipment needs servicing so you’re able to dispatch a mobile mechanic or swap out the equipment. Your customers will appreciate renting equipment that is always well-maintained.

Alert Rental's Remote Asset Management with telematics companies

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Bill Now

Don’t surprise your customers at the end of the rental with a huge bill. Charge for overages as they happen and don’t worry about disputes later.

Fully Integrated

Your fixed asset records, maintenance records, and customer billing is automatically updated. You don’t have to leave Alert to see important data.

Reduce Labor Costs

Save on-site trips to collect meter readings and verify equipment location. Let the GPS handle that job for you!

Remote Management

If your customer stops paying for their long-term equipment rental, you can turn off the asset remotely.

More about Telematics Technology

The field of GPS technology is constantly evolving, allowing equipment rental businesses to leverage powerful functions for a reasonable price. Today’s leading telematics providers allow you to do so much more than basic remote meter tracking, and many equipment manufacturers include this technology so you’re equipped right away. Powerful applications allow equipment rental operators to not only see where their equipment is located, but to geofence it so it’s only allowed to operate within a certain designated area. You have so much more control over your equipment than ever before! For instance, if your customer rents a 40’ boom and pays for a 40’ boom, you can ensure that the 60’ boom you have in stock only extends to 40’. Leveraging advanced technology to improve your cash flow, reputation, and equipment is smarter and easier than ever.

Alert integrates to systems that adhere to the AEMP standard.

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