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Kits and Related Items

Learn how Alert’s kit functionality and related items suggestions make it easier than ever for your customers to do business with you.

All About Kits

You are probably already familiar with kits! Kits are packages of your rental or sales inventory that you offer to your clients to encourage easy interactions, yet they perform multiple functions behind the scenes. For instance, let’s say you’re renting a 20×40 tent. Your customer just needs to know that it’s a tent – they don’t need to know that it’s poles, stakes, fabric, etc. But you need to know that information so your delivery and pickup tickets have all the correct inventory listed!  You can select to have all your earnings post to the kit itself. But what about other kinds of kits, like a sandblaster? You can choose to have all the earnings post to the individual items within the kit. But your customer will just know that they’re renting a sandblaster.

Alert Rental's Kits for event rental needs

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Related Items

Associate rental or sales items with your inventory for quick suggestions when building a ticket. You never know what your customers want if you don’t ask!

Options, Options, Options!

Build a kit with as many things as you can think of, then pick what your customers want during the sales process.

Track Earnings

Decide if you want the earnings to go to the kit itself (i.e. a tent), or individual pieces and parts of a kit (i.e. Bobcat, buckets, tillers, augers.)

Package Deals

Use kits to offer your customers a value! Package things together and they’ll get a nice break from  you, and you’ll rent the entire order instead of losing bits and pieces.

On Contract or Not on Contract?

Among the many ways Alert works with our clients around kits are contract printing options. You can choose to print your kits on your contracts as simply a kit item with a single price (think a 20×40 tent) and suppress all of the bits and pieces, or you can print all the items in the kit (think a sandblaster with the requisite nozzles and hoses.) Have a client who insists on seeing all the pieces of a tent kit, but you usually don’t show it that way? We can help! Simply send them a Kit Ticket with everything broken down, and the rest of your clients will receive the clean invoices with collapsed kits that match your aesthetic. However you do business, we can help.

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