Rental Inventory Management

Inventory tracking is the foundation of being able to meet your customers’ expectations and provide outstanding service to your community.

A Universal Truth

Regardless of what your inventory is composed of, it’s one of your biggest investments for your company. You need to know where it is.  All. The. Time.  Whether you rent digital testing equipment, modular buildings, portable bathrooms, linens, tents, or earth movers, you have very specific needs with regard to inventory tracking. Alert can provide you answers.

Alert Rental's Inventory Management to Always Know What You Have

Software doesn’t solve problems. People do.

Alert is committed to being your business partner – not simply a vendor.

Mobile Inventory Manager

Browse your store or warehouse with a tablet and make taking inventory easier than ever. Mobile Inventory Manager will help you automate making inventory adjustments.

Real Time Availability

At a glance, know where your equipment is: on bids, reservations, or contracts, overdue tickets, or down for maintenance. Never over promise or ask a warehouse person to do a count on the fly.

Track unitized equipment

Individual equipment can be identified by fixed asset number, serial number, GPS number, or barcode. You know if it’s at its home base location, on-site, or scheduled for pickup.


The more you can do with kits, the better. Kits can be used with bulk and individual equipment as well as sales items. You can also suppress availability on kit headers, but see component status.

All roads lead to good service

Providing outstanding customer service is probably a core tenant of your business philosophy. A well-designed and well-maintained rental system can help you do just that. The more accurate your inventory, the more quickly and confidently you can answer customer questions, fulfill their needs, and generate precise billing. Not only does effective inventory control help customer service, it can help you save money. Your staff won’t be asked to consistently count equipment when they should be doing something else, and they won’t have to ask you where things are if they can look in the system and trust the information on the screen. Limit expensive losses because you now know specifically where every asset is.

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