Sign and Rent

Today, business takes place from everywhere. Allow your customers the flexibility to do business with you at their convenience – wherever they are.

Fully integrated

No matter how you collect signatures – in person at the counter, through email as part of the sales process, in advance of a blind-drop, or via your drivers during deliveries and pickups, they’re stored automatically in Alert to the ticket and accessible in the log file. Stop saving paper copies and go green!

Alert Rental's Sign and Rent Allows Signatures Anywhere with Ease

Software doesn’t solve problems. People do.

Alert is committed to being your business partner – not simply a vendor.

Take credit card payments

Let your customers securely pay you via Sign & Rent. The payment will be correctly applied to the ticket in Alert.

Auto-convert bids to reservations

If you’d like, you can have Alert auto-convert bids to reservations upon receipt of a deposit. 

Attaches to ticket

All signatures, pictures, notes, count sheets, and acceptance of terms & conditions are attached to the ticket through a scheduled process. 

Email confirmation

As soon as your customer sign and submit a ticket, they’ll automatically receive a confirmation and copy via email. One less thing for you to do.

Train your customers

Use the built-in capabilities of Sign & Rent to train your customers how to behave. For instance, by taking photographs at a blind drop you have proof of how you delivered their order – they won’t be able to argue about the condition of the equipment when it arrived. If you arrive at a pickup and your driver finds the equipment damaged or spread out across five acres (it happens!) they can take photographs to justify the resulting charges.

Count sheets can be done onsite to eliminate disputes. You can even ask them to sign the discrepancies sheet! Have your clients initial by the day of the week for a delivery (i.e. Wednesday instead of the 10th) so they take full responsibility for getting the dates of their delivery correct. All of this documentation will encourage positive relationships with your customers and eliminate unnecessary conflict.

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Sharing your rental rates will actually increase your sales.

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