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Business isn’t going to the dogs – it’s going to the web. Meet your customers where they live.

A website at your speed

If you’re ready to dip your toes into the waters of E-Commerce, but not quite ready to dive in, we can help. Start off linking your existing website to Alert and your customers can request pricing from your online store. You can still follow up with them and make sure they’re getting what they need. When you’re ready, you can go the rest of the way to full E-Commerce. With Customer Portal, your customer can login to their account and you can provide as much functionality as you’d like – from printing invoices to viewing open reservations to paying outstanding balances.

Alert Rental's All-Inclusive Web Services For Your Website Success

Software doesn’t solve problems. People do.

Alert is committed to being your business partner – not simply a vendor.

Customer Portal

Allow your clients to self-service by viewing and downloading invoices, making payments, or even call items off rent.


One step away from E-Commerce, your salesperson still has oversight of the request before it becomes a quote.

Credit cards online

Accept credit cards through Sign & Rent, Customer Portal, and E-Commerce. All while staying PCI compliant with the highest security standards.


The future is now. Real time reservations can be created directly from your website. Clients can add or modify reservations within the parameters you set. Learn More

A website as unique as you

Your rental business is different than everybody else’s, so your website should be, too. Don’t just slap your logo on a canned website. You’re able to choose your own web developer and design, maintain full creative control, and most importantly, full ownership, of your website.

Your professional web developers can be as creative as they like to present your online store exactly to your specifications. Rather than providing a cookie-cutter website, we provide you with web developers tool kit, complete with a sandbox, and a dash of inspiration.

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Sharing your rental rates will actually increase your sales.

Find out exactly why Alert’s rates are public on our website and how transparent pricing for your own customers can lead to more sales with our free download