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Work Order and Preventive Maintenance

Maximize your ROI by reducing unscheduled downtime and costly repairs. Automatically generate work orders so your mechanics know exactly what they should be doing.

Work smarter, not harder

Your shop staff is a resource that you certainly don’t want to squander. Ensure that they’re focused on what they should be doing by having Alert do as much of the administrative heavy lifting as possible. From automatically creating the work order, triggering preventive maintenance when the item is checked in, or tying into GPS for cycle billing updates, our decades of refinement will help every business that needs work orders and preventive maintenance.

Alert Rental's Work Order System Provides Preventative Maintenance Features

Software doesn’t solve problems. People do.

Alert is committed to being your business partner – not simply a vendor.


View both customer and internal repair work orders in the same graphical dashboard. Also see what’s overdue, know when equipment is down, and upcoming registration due dates.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

No matter how you approach writing a work order, it’s easy. It can be done for you on check-in or exchange, or scheduled maintenance. Or click a button right in the asset.

Real time

Whether you’re in a ticket, a work order, or a dashboard, you’ll know the status of an asset. It will be available, down, or waiting for parts. Costs and parts are tracked in real-time.


Alert links to any GPS product that meets the AEMP standard. This means that you can ping an asset as part of your cycle billing process to ensure current meter charges.

SmartEquip is included

We’ve been telling you how smart Alert is – now it’s even smarter! The Alert interface with SmartEquip allows users to receive real-time, accurate parts and service support for more than 350 brands while also automating electronic parts ordering from suppliers, manufacturers, and their dealers. An Alert user doesn’t have to leave the work order to buy the correct part. A purchase order is automatically generated if the part isn’t in stock which eliminates post-it notes, delays, and inaccuracies. Inventory and purchase records will be correct, complete, and up-to-date. Like many of our features, this integration was born from discussions at our annual User Conference. Alert is a true collaborator and the integration with SmartEquip is further proof. And best of all, there is no additional charge from Alert for users who maintain a SmartEquip subscription. 

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