How Does Integrated Credit Card Processing Improve Efficiency?

As Alert Management Systems announces a new Integration with payment processor Approval Code (see press release here), some may wonder, what exactly is Integrated Credit Card Processing Software? How does it work? How can it make my business more efficient and save money?

As more and more individuals and businesses prefer to pay with credit cards, whether to earn rewards, finance purchases, or simply to save time, it is imperative for any rental business to accept the four major credit cards.  Lost business will mount as potential customers go to the competitor who does accept cards.  While this notion isn’t a new one, it is important to address.

The next question is: how can my business accomplish choose POS credit card processing software with the lowest cost and highest efficiency? Enter Alert EasyPro Integrated Credit Card Processing Software.   When a client wants to pay, the credit card can be either swiped or keyed straight into the Alert EasyPro rental POS payment screen, rather than walking to a separate terminal at the counter.  The payment can be applied as a payment straight to an open ticket, or as an Accounts Receivable payment once billing is completed for the rental items.

How does it work? When Alert EasyPro’s rental POS software system reads a credit card number, it sends an encrypted token to a payment gateway (either PAYware Connect or Approval Code.)  The gateway does the processing commands and even stores the card number for future use.  Cards can be charged again without the client having to be present and swipe, all in a PCI-Compliant environment.  Alert EasyPro Integrated Credit Card Processing Software users can even use the stored cards for Recurring Credit Card Billing on Cycle Billing commands!  Cash flow is dramatically improved since nobody is waiting for a check in the mail.

Clients who elect to have processing and gateway handled by Approval Code will be delighted to experience lower processing fees, and no gateway charges.  One phone call to Approval Code’s US-based customer service team will handle any potential issues that may come up, instead of a call to the gateway and the processor, which saves Alert EasyPro rental POS users potential hours of time.

To learn more about how Alert EasyPro’s POS credit card processing software powers the most profitable event rental enterprises, please contact us at, or call 800-530-8050 to schedule a free demonstration of our event rental inventory software.


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