Mobile Cold Storage Rental Management Software

Your customers rely on you for prompt, reliable, clean and well-maintained mobile cold storage rental. Rely on Alert’s rental management software to manage your rentals from start to finish.

Mobile Cold Storage - Rental Management

Whether you rent refrigerators or freezers, don’t get left out in the cold with poor rental management! Alert can help you manage your mobile cold storage rentals – from bidding units to a potential customer, to long term rentals, to delivery management and maintenance. You’ll always know where your assets are, which ones are available for rent, and when service is due and was last performed. 

Managing rental rates

Alert offers a number of ways to calculate rates for your mobile cold storage rental fleet. You can build kits if that makes sense for your business, offer customer-specific rates, related items for rental items frequently rented together, and much more. While you’ve been perfecting renting mobile cold storage, we’ve been perfecting equipment rental software. If you can dream up a way to charge for it, Alert can calculate it – correctly.

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5 reasons why:

Sharing your rental rates will actually increase your sales.

Find out exactly why Alert’s rates are public on our website and how transparent pricing for your own customers can lead to more sales with our free download