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Recurring Credit Card Billing

Do you have customers who want to regularly pay for Cycle Billings using a credit card on file? No problem. This document will help you set that up. It’s a great way to get your revenue faster!

May 10, 2022

Back Out a Sales to Rent Transfer

You can back out a Sales to Rent transfer in three easy steps. Well, four steps. First you have to open the attached document.

Override Item Price on a Ticket

Occasionally, you may want, or need to change a listed rental item price on a ticket. This document shows you the simple steps to override the listed price.

My Ticket is Stranded, now what?

We’ve all done it, and we’ve all occasionally hesitated over saving or abandoning that ticket. What is the correct answer? This document will answer that question and has an easy to use flow chart on the last page for quick reference.

Subrents video

This one’s an oldie but a goodie. This video is an 18 minute overview of Subrents. We think you’ll find it helpful. https://vimeo.com/704551780/91f7ea35bb  

April 29, 2022

Rain Days v21

Alert provides an easy way to provide your customers a price break for rain days, when they are unable to use their rented equipment. You can decide which rental items will be available for rain day discounts and update all your Rental Items at once by activating the Rental Class flag using Import/Export.

April 26, 2022

Top 20 AR Customers Billed/Paid for a date range

–Report showing top 20 AR customers for chosen period of time. define date idate1 = parameter prompt “Enter Starting Date” ; define date idate2 = parameter prompt “Enter Ending Date” ; where ( cs_inv:cs_icreate_date >=idate1 and cs_inv:cs_icreate_date <= idate2 ) and cs_main:cs_type_code = “AR” sum/nobanner/duplicates/domain=”cs_inv”/Title=”Top 20 AR Customers by Date Range” cs_inv:cs_iamount/heading=”Amt Billed” cs_inv:cs_ipaid/heading=”Amt Paid” […]

April 21, 2022

Cycle Bill Hold Process

Alert’s Cycle Billing feature allows you to pause a billing on an active Cycle Bill. The attached document will take you through it, step by step.

April 19, 2022

Transferring Items Between Locations

You can easily transfer both Rental and Sales items from one location to another, by following the steps in the attached document.

April 14, 2022

Rental Classes with Notes report

This report will list all RCs with notes     define file printnote = access fr_notel, set fr_note_key=rc_pnote:fr_note_key, generic define file screennote = access fr_notel, set fr_note_key=rc_popnt:fr_note_key, generic define file safteynote = access fr_notel, set fr_note_key=rc_snote:fr_note_key, generic list/domain=”rc_main”/nobanner/title=”RCs with notes” if rc_pnote:fr_note_key <> “” or rc_popnt:fr_note_key <> “” or rc_snote:fr_note_key <> “” then { rc_main:rc_inv_no […]

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