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Changing Homepage Icons – v20

Now that you have the new home page layout, we have created a document to help you change/personalize those icons.  

April 8, 2022

Adding Print/Screen Notes for Rental Items

Alert maintains a library of notes to be used with Rental/Sales items. The process is quite simple. Follow along with the attached document.

March 25, 2022

Credit Limits in Alert

This document will assist you in setting up Credit Limits for your Customers.

March 15, 2022

Merging Tickets v21 – Video

New with v21, you can Merge Tickets! Take a look at this video for the details. https://vimeo.com/686716667/22578ccfe4

March 10, 2022

Changing Default Printer(s) in Alert

I have a new printer that has been set up in Alert, but it isn’t printing. What’s wrong? It’s possible the default printer for each login might not have been changed. We’ll show you how to check.

March 8, 2022

Changing the Customer’s Name on a Ticket

If you have ever needed to change the Customer shown on an open ticket, the answer is a click away.

Change Damage Waiver on a Ticket

Need to change the amount of a Damage Waiver on a ticket? Remove the Damage Wavier? You can & it is easy to do.

Deleting a Payment from an Open Ticket

If you have ever entered a Customer payment incorrectly, or entered the right payment amount for the wrong Customer,  this document will show you how to simply delete that payment.

Backorder Report by Location

define string loc = parameter/prompt=”Enter location or #A for all”/uppercase default “#A” define file slpohdr = access sl_pohdr, set sl_po_req_no= sl_posb:sl_po_req_no, generic where (slpohdr:al_location = loc or loc =”#A”) list/nobanner/domain=”sl_posb”/duplicates/title=”Backordered Items Report” slpohdr:al_location/heading=”Loc” sl_posb:sl_po_req_no/nocommas/heading=”Req#” sl_posb:sl_mfg_cat_no/heading=”Mfg cat#” sl_name:sl_name/heading=”Name” sl_posb:sl_ship_bkord_code/heading=”Code” sl_posb:sl_ship_bkord_date/heading=”Date”/mask=”mm/dd/yy” sl_posb:sl_ship_bkord_qty/heading=”Qty” end of report “S = Shipped, B = Backordered” – Informational only, not part of […]

Creating a Report from Report Share

So Alert has all these great reports in Report Share. How do I get them to MY Custom Reports folder? The attached document will show you the process, step by step.

March 7, 2022

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