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Turnaround and In-Service Tickets

Turnaround tickets. In-Service tickets. What are they? What do they do? Take a look at the attached short document to find out.    

November 12, 2021

Reversing Finance Charges

If you have ever run your Statements and had the finance charges calculate incorrectly, or you noticed your dates were off for your 30, 60, 90 fees? If so, this document is for you. Reversing Finance Charges is a quick & easy fix with the attached document.

November 8, 2021

Setting Up Finance Charges

There are two ways to post finance charges in Alert.   Option 1 is to show finance charges on the statement only. Finance charges are posted to the customer account when payment is received. This option is preferred if you are beginning to charge finance charges, or if you are not seeing many paid finance charges. […]

Navigate the Knowledgebase

If you are new to the Knowledgebase, or just having a hard time finding what you are looking for.. this document should help. Things will continue to change as we make further changes to this site. We thank you for your patience and are happy to assist you in finding your way.

October 20, 2021

3D Event Designer – Live Video from ARA Show.

Live from ARA 2021! It’s Kristin from 3D Event Designer with a new presentation highlighting CAD Event planning from within your Alert Software. https://vimeo.com/636780507/bf1c8436ce

Flex Rates

Whether you need to update your pricing for the upcoming year in order to quote updated prices for future events, or perhaps you have some equipment that is seasonal and you want to modify pricing for an upcoming season. Flex Rates will allow you to do that. Take a look at our updated Flex Rate […]

Administrative Fee

This document will assist you in setting up an Administrative Fee, based on a percentage of total Rental Items and Sales Items on a ticket. The fee will auto update as you add or delete items, and can be changed to a fixed amount from the ticket.

October 13, 2021

Changing Location on Open Tickets

This document provides both set up and workflow instructions for Changing the Location on an open ticket. (This is an add-on feature and has an associated cost.)

October 12, 2021

Reversing Finance Charges

If you’ve ever processed Finance Charges, then been handed a stack of checks that haven’t been entered, this is the document for you.. Easy to follow steps to reverse your Finances Charges.

September 2, 2021

Create Credit Ticket and Update Tax/DW Calculations

In some cases, when creating a credit ticket for a Customer for an amount different than the original ticket, you may need to update a Tax Rate or Damage Waiver to reflect your new credit amount. The attached document will walk you through that process.  

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