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Cycle Billing Video – AUG2022

Take a look at Cycle Billing v22 style with Lisa. Click to watch video

April 20, 2023

James Waite, esq Damage Wavier Discussion Video – AUG2021

Join James for an informative look at Damage Wavier issues. Click to watch video

Alert v21 Highlights and Voting Review – Video

Join Jeff as he outlines the new features in Alert v21 Click to watch video

Report Writer Basics Video – AUG2022

Join Jason for a Report Writer Basics lesson. Click to watch video  

Sign & Rent Video – AUG 2021

Join Chris Zanoni for a discussion about Sign & Rent. Click to watch video

Approval Code & Alert, AUG 2021-Video

Join Kirk as he goes over the benefits of using Approval Code with Alert. Click to watch video

Web Assistant Video-AUG2021

Join John, as he explains Web Assistant. https://vimeo.com/595581537/3d16b536a0?share=copy

Finding Duplicate Customers by Phone # – Report

This is a two pass report which requires setting up two new reports and a macro in your Custom folder. Report names are: dupcusts1.eq, dupcusts2.eq and dupcusts.mf.   Create Report #1, save in Custom Folder – dupcusts1.eq list/hold=”allcusts” cs_main:cs_key/keyelement=2 cs_main:cs_phone_1/keyelement=1   Create Report #2, save in Custom Folder – dupcusts2.eq define file duponfirstphone = access […]

April 14, 2023

Next Step Wizard – video

Follow along with Chris as he demonstrates the Next Step Navigator wizard to assist you with common counter questions.

March 13, 2023

Counter Sale of a Rental Item – Video v23

Watch Chris show you how easy it is to sell a rental item on a counter contract. Learn a new Alert skill in less than three minutes!

March 10, 2023

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