Customer Success Spotlight:
A Look At Our Dashboards

Monthly Notes from Our Customer Success Manager

Spring is here, and it seems fitting to offer a few suggestions and reports. As you many of you head into your busy season, enjoy these “eggs” and tips.

Delivery/Pickup Board

Daily delivery, pickup, and will call totals can be a useful way to judge volume and labor needs for the coming weeks. A graphically improved Delivery/Pickup Board is available from the Dispatcher Dashboard (click the action dropdown). 


Alert software example of our dashboard


If you want to compare current or future volume to past volume, we have a report for that! It’s too complex for ReportShare, but we’re happy to share it at no cost anyway. Just let me know, and we’ll load it for you.

Alert software graphic of ReportShare


Operations Dashboard

This dashboard provides a few options to quickly glance art your serialized equipment. The Fleet Tab shows items/availability for the next month as well as turns and earnings. If you’re looking for a more detailed breakdown, version 22 offers hourly availability on the dashboard.


Alert software dashboard for work orders

If you’re using Work Order, consider implementing status as well. This will give even more information at a glance.


Alert software dashboard to show open tickets for work orders


If you’re looking for a report to see current fleet status at a glance, look no further than ReportShare where you can find a copy of this report and many others. Click HERE for a copy.


Alert software dashboard showing serialized items

Want more information? Contact me directly to learn more about software ideas or more information on: training and consulting, support plans, user licenses, website integration, mobile reports, and other product solutions and suggestions. 

Contact Abe via email or by calling 719.457.7171 to learn more.

A little bit of background about Alert Rental: we are a full rental management software application. We work with many clients like you, and if we don’t work with you yet, come see us! We typically service general tools, heavy equipment, and party/event rental industries. Rental is what we love to do.  


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