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Completely customize your software to take advantage of every event feature Alert has to offer.

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Event rental is completely different than any other rental market. Using a software that isn’t customized especially to event rental won’t allow you to properly manage your business. We understand things like turnaround time, pull periods, event dates vs out dates, and the need for departments. Making due with a software package that doesn’t “get it” gets you nowhere.

Alert Rental's Event Functionality Features for All Your Event Desires

Software doesn’t solve problems. People do.

Alert is committed to being your business partner – not simply a vendor.


A core function for event rental is the ability to create kits. Alert takes this to the next level with Dynamic Kit Pricing, sub-kits, and the ability to add sales to kits.

Group Pricing

For caterers or volume customer discounts, you can create an entire pricebook and tie the customer directly to that rate schedule.

Real time availability

Know where your inventory is: out on rent, on projected purchase, filled by a subrental, down for maintenance, or currently being pulled.

Dispatch Dashboard

Our dynamic and graphical dashboard allows you to drag and drop tickets, trucks, and staff to create routes. Learn More


Event businesses come in all sizes and your software should meet you where you are. Whether you’re starting with one user and a few tables and chairs, or have dozens of locations and a 100,000 sf warehouse, Alert will scale to work with you. The same product flexes up as you need it, so if you start with Alert, you grow your business with Alert.

If you’re just beginning, we have a thoughtfully designed product that will work right out of the box. More mature operations have the flexibility to transfer bulk items between locations, see which warehouses inventory the items they need, and manage a complete venue database.

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Sharing your rental rates will actually increase your sales.

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