An article in Rental Management Magazine recently spotlighted an interesting rental industry: llamas! We at Alert Management Systems work with clients in nearly every type of rental field, but the llama rental industry had us especially intrigued.

After working with clients in nearly every type of rental field, we’ve concluded that rental is rental.  Whether lifts or livestock, linens or llamas, rental operations still need to know where inventory is, how much is committed, and how much to charge. How can rental software make even llama rental more efficient and profitable? Read on!

When a potential client wishes to invite a llama and to be at a wedding, the operator will open a session of Alert EasyPro and enter the rental item in a ticket.  After putting in the dates of the event, Alert’s software inventory tool will let the user ensure that the preferred color and quantity of llama is available.  While the client is on the phone, the user will be prompted to ask about related items – would the bride like the llamas to wear bridal outfit? What about a groom llama to go with the bride llama? Pre-packaged food for guests to feed the animals?  More rental items on the ticket = more profits!

On the date of the event, the dispatcher will use our operations dashboard software to load the llamas into the trailer and go to the venue. The venue will have notes in the Alert EasyPro system such as “has grassy area for animals” or “must bring a hose to clean up”.  At the conclusion of the event, after the llamas have been brought back to the stable, the operator will close the rental ticket and email it to the client for payment.  The clients can pay with their credit card right from the email and the llama rental organization has increased cash flow from net 30 days to net 30 minutes.

While we at Alert haven’t had the opportunity to work with anyone renting animals, we do know rental. Since pioneering the rental management software industry in 1976, we’ve provided general equipment and tool rental software to companies who have rented everything from heavy equipment, party and event items, mobile storage units, portable restrooms, mobile cleaning units, scaffolding, oilfield equipment, pumps, trailers, barges, generators, aerial equipment, movie props and A/V equipment, you name it! Ask us how our software inventory tools can help you improve your rental profits!

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