10 Reasons to Invest in Rental Technology Today

How an investment in rental technology can make an immediate impact on your bottom line

Want to hear a scary story in only two words? Supply chain. Not sure we need to elaborate; you know better than anyone how the current issues in the supply chain are affecting the rental business. And while we can’t help with the backorder issues you’re undoubtedly experiencing, we can help you make an investment in your business that will make an immediate impact.

Ready to invest in your business? With the right software, this investment will pay for itself. And the best news? We’re ready to install NOW.

Below are 10 ways that a technology investment can have immediate returns for your business.

1. Add to Cart 🛒

With website integration, your clients can shop whenever they want to. Allow them to see – in real time – what is available and request to rent. Plus, add a customer portal so they can manage their order and submit payment directly. That’s a win-win.
Shopping cart for rental technology

2. Keep it in the Cloud ☁️

Reduce your IT infrastructure costs by storing it all in the cloud. In addition to less hardware to worry about, you can have peace of mind with automatic back up of critical data (to protect from disasters or ransomware attacks).

3. Lengthen the life of your inventory 📈

While you wait for new orders, make sure you’re taking care of what you’ve already got.

Automate work order generation for preventive maintenance to keep your inventory ready to rent for longer. Plus, proactively manage units that need to be retired due to high breakage and down time.

4. Fully integrate with the rest of your systems ⛓

With the right rental software, you can automate integration into your CRM, Telematics, accounting, GPS routing, CAD systems, PO and ordering systems, and more.

5. "I just need your autograph here." ✍️

With electronic signatures, you can automatically attach signatures to tickets – and automatically convert bids to reservations once signed automatically. Plus, you can get rid of the ‘Clean Pens/Dirty Pens‘ containers that are taking up space on your counter.

6. Automate, automate, automate! 🤖

Schedule reports to automatically push to staff and clients rather than having to manually pull them (or remember to send them). Reduce the staff hours you need for manual tasks and calculations.

ROI text hand pressing on black background

7. Let it gooo 🚮

Let your system track the ROI for your equipment – so you can liquidate low-performing assets to invest capital into more profitable assets.

8. There is a season to turn, turn, turn up your rate. 🌴

When it’s time, update your rates with the click of a button. Update your prices, implement seasonal rates, and customize rates by client.

9. Supersize me! 🍔

Combine rental items with related sales items to guide staff into building larger, more profitable orders. Would you like fries with that?

10. Scan here 🀰

Whether you’re adding barcodes to improve speed and accuracy in selecting items or adding QR codes to your tickets to reduce support calls from the job site, making things scan-able will save you and your team time and money.

Ready to get started TODAY?

The term DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion) is more than just a trending topic. Having a DE&I strategy in place has been proven to improve businesses. Yes, even rental businesses! 

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